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The marketing test that never fails?

So what?

As you create any marketing, especially copy, ask yourself if a client can say so what to it.

If they can you need to fix it.

Here’s a great example. The brand if milk I normally buy is about to change their packaging. So what? As a client I don’t really care.

But they can’t hold back their excitement so have started telling me on their current packaging that the packaging is changing soon. So what?

Once again I don’t care. In fact I’d prefer they left the packaging the same because I am used to recognising it when I shop. It saves me time.

There are many more examples of things that fail the so what test.

Been in business since 2003. So what?

New and improved. So what?

You have to say why this matters in terms a client cares about.

If you can’t do that then don’t say it.

Run the so what test over your marketing today I am certain you will find things that need immediate fixing.