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It’s not obvious to me.

One thing a lot of companies suffer from is the curse of assumed understanding.

All the things you know about what you do you assume everyone else does. Only this is normally not true.

Most buyers of your thing are not experts in your thing. But they want to make a wise decision.

So it’s important to look for things they need to know that you may be taking for granted.

The easiest way to do this is assume they know nothing. Then write down everything they need to know when buying your thing.

And I mean everything not matter how obvious it may be to you.

Once you have all this down you do something powerful with it. You create a buyers guide to what you sell.

For example 7 Things Anyone Planning To Build a New House Should Know. Or 5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Copywriter. You can then make it even more powerful by adding a consequences statement under the main headline.

Something like Number 3 can cause your building costs to increase by tens of thousands of dollars. Or Number 4 is the biggest clue you’re about to hire a pretender.

You have added emotion and intrigue. A powerful double act.

Creating a buyers guide can be one of the most powerful marketing tactics you ever do for your business.

Start today.