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A Client’s Lament

Have you forgotten me?

After much agony I decided to give you some of my hard-earned money. A number of other companies wanted my money but I decided to trust you.

The only thing is I haven’t heard from you since. I feel like you don’t care about me anymore. Say it isn’t true.

I see you chasing after all those ‘hot looking’ new clients. Aren’t I good enough for you anymore?

I was really happy with my first purchase from you. I felt like it was the start of something special. I was sure you felt the same way.

But I didn’t get a thank you. No special offers just for me. No human touch. Not even a smile.

I actually had more money set aside to spend with you but I guess you don’t want my money.

I really hope the next ‘shiny new’ client is everything you hoped for. I hope you don’t treat them with indifference like you did me. Anyway I’m off.

There’s another lovely business I’ve heard good things about. I’m going to give them a try now. You had your chance. Let’s hope they treat me better and I can reward them with more and more of my money.

Please don’t take your current clients for granted. They are worth their weight in gold and then some.