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A marketing lesson from drug dealers.

Now before you rush to condemn me OR rush to buy something I don’t sell, pause for a moment.

I’m not endorsing illegal drugs. But I believe we can learn a valuable lesson from people who sell them.

When someone buys drugs, they are buying a feeling. It may be to avoid feeling pain or it may be to feel good. Maybe a bit of both.

But the person selling them is essentially selling ‘feelings’.

I’m sure what you sell is actually better for people than drugs. But they are still buying feelings.

When people feel something or want to feel something they are more likely to buy.

Behind a lot of it is an unconscious quest to elevate our status. That’s why we buy the bigger house, the fancy car, luxury products etc.

So remember two things. One you must stimulate feelings with your marketing to get someone to buy. Two you must be aware of the feelings buying your product delivers.

When you can do this you will dominate your market.