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I’m not going to lie I’m borderline obsessed with memes.

Just follow me on Facebook and you’ll see it’s true.

But why?

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Well let’s first define what a meme is. The term has been credited to Richard Dawkins around 1976 and means – unit of cultural information spread by¬†imitation.

In plain English it’s an idea that spreads. A bit like a virus but I won’t go there.

Memes have been credited with having a significant influence on the 2016 US election. They also make us laugh.

I love them because they are a message distilled into its simplest and most effective form.

That’s what all marketing messages need to be.

Simple. Powerful. Shareable.

It takes a lot of thinking to get to a simple, powerful and shareable message. But it’s worth it.

Because it gets remembered and it may also get shared. Memes have a high pass on value. We love to share things that we think our friends will like. Things that make us look good in some way.

There are even free tools to make memes (Google meme software). Why not have a go today? If nothing else it gets you thinking differently.

Here’s mine. Pass it on.

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