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What am I thinking about right now?

What’s the thing that matters most to me right now?

What kept me awake last night?

This is the stuff you need to understand if you are going to create an effective marketing message.

It’s true for business to consumer and for business to business. Because in both cases you’re marketing to human beings.

Your marketing message is always received in the context of what is going on in the life and mind of your client.

So you better get good and trying to see the world through their eyes.

Even if you can get to the individual level you can still learn a lot by understanding the typical challenges for someone like your client.

For example you can study what CFOs are most concerned about. Same for Marketing Managers. Same for women and men over 50. Or millenials. Or divorced people. Or first time mums.

All the information is out there. Get curious. Start researching. Build empathy. Then, and only then, can you create a marketing message that gets clients saying shut up and take my money!