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You’re reading this part OK.

But I may have already lost some of you. Why?

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It’s because your attention span has shrunk. Mine too. In fact everyone’s has.

Whether that’s good or bad is a conversation for another day. But you need to know this.

It’s harder than ever to get and keep attention.

But marketing relies on getting and keeping attention.

What can we do?

Firstly understand attention is scarce and valuable.

If you want you have to earn it.

If you want it you have to be more interesting in that moment than anything else.

So you need to get right to the point. There’s no second chances anymore, if there ever was.

You need to make your marketing valuable.

Read that again.

Read that again.

Make your marketing valuable from THEIR perspective.

If you make this your goal, you will get and keep enough attention to grow your business.