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Your website never gets a second chance to make a good first impression.

What’s the very first thing you say on your website?

Does it immediately offer something of great interest to your ideal client?

The honest truth is very few websites have spent enough time and effort getting it right.

It doesn’t need to be masterpiece of creativity. It just needs to be clear.

Here’s a random headline I chose from a marketing agency site. You’d think they know marketing, wouldn’t you? You be the judge.

A smarter, faster way to drive traffic to your website.
Get an integrated digital marketing strategy from APAC’s highest rated digital agency.

My verdict is who cares. As a business owner I don’t want more traffic I want more clients. Also no one really cares you are APAC’s highest rated digital agency. What even is APAC? A better headline might be:

Want more clients from your website?
Get a proven system for bringing a steady stream of ready to buy clients to your website.

Now you have my interest. All we’ve done is change the first line to focus on THEM and what they WANT.

How’s the first line of your website? Can you make it stronger?