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We’re back for another weekly dose of influence secrets.

I hope you have put at least one of the secrets to use. If you haven’t why are you reading these newsletters?

Yes I want you as a subscriber but more than that I want you take action on what you learn.

Here’s a clue to this weeks secret.

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The wonderful thing about being in business is you can set the rules.

But more powerful than that is when you set the buying criteria for your marketing. Let me explain.

Clients don’t know what you know. They are rarely experts on your product, you are. So you have to educate them about how to make a good decision.

It’s your job to keep them from making a mistake when buying. Even if they don’t buy from you. Get you head around that idea for a moment it’s a game changer in mindset.

So ask yourself what should someone look for when buying what you sell?

Write down everything you can think of.

Especially anything unique you offer that you know your competitors don’t.

Here’s an example for someone hiring a copywriter (what I do).

Do not hire any copywriter who can’t name the three headline appeals that are always effective.

In case you’re curious the answer is it must contain news, curiosity or self-interest.

Now if I put that forward as a criteria it does a few things.

First the client wants to know what they are.

Second it positions me as ‘the expert’. At the same it depositions copywriters who don’t know the correct answer as incompetent.

Pretty powerful I think you’ll agree.

Now once you have your list you need to turn it into a buyers guide.

The buyers guide then becomes a powerful marketing tool for your business. People that read it can see you know what you’re doing and it puts doubt in their minds about buying from your competitors.

I can never understand why few people do this. Maybe they don’t know the strategy. But now you do. So please, please use it.

If you need help to write a buyers guide for your market shoot me a message and we can chat. I want you to have this marketing weapon so you can dominate your chosen market.