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Asking this question instantly improves your marketing.

Something weird happens when we sit down to create our marketing.

We get all stiff and formal.

We feel the need to impress.

We decide to be overly creative.

But when a potential client sees what you’ve done, they wonder if you’ve been smoking the green stuff.

They’re like what the actual fudge are you trying to say?

What the actual fudge do you do?

Why should I give a flying fudge?

They’ve got a point.

After all your job is to persuade them to take the action you want them to take.

So, when you ask…

Would I say that to a friend?

You can get immediately clarity.

You know you wouldn’t speak that to a friend.

So don’t speak that way to someone who wants to buy from you.

Revenue goes up when you learn to speak to humans like a real human.