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You’re just another X.

X being whatever you do.

I know you don’t think so.

But to potential clients you are. You’re just another banana.

But no one wants another banana.

So you need to create a powerful pattern interrupt.

Something that makes you stand out from all the other bananas.

I’ve seen this with bananas in Australia. There are some with a red wax tip. They stand out and get attention because they’re not just yellow.

You have to do the same with your business.

Something different.

Something to break the waking trance of potential clients.

In fact you could already have it.

But I know, from experience, you’re probably not saying it as effectively as you need to.

So what’s your ‘red tip’?

If you don’t know I can help you find out.

You only need to say please.

Oh and you need to desire to be the dominant marketer in your category.

I don’t work with ‘me too’ brands.

And you won’t stay in business long if you are one.