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I write words that bring in new clients and sell more to your current clients.

some ways i can help


Lead Magnets

I’ll create and write a lead magnet for you that has potential clients demanding a copy.

Marketing Strategy

I create a marketing strategy for you that will make your competitors nervous.


Sales Pieces

VSL’s, sales letters, landing pages, emails and more. I especially love writing ads that get high responses.

Content Strategy

If you’re not sure what to post, where and how often I will create a plan for you that makes it easy.

Social Media Profiles

Social media is powerful but only if you have a profile that sucks leads from it and into your sales system.

Website Copywriting

Most websites fail to sell much. I will whip your website into top shape to generate higher sales.

Offer Creation

Weak offers lead to weak sales. I’ll apply my proven formula to create offers clients can’t say no to.

Slogans That Sell

Sometimes you have just a few words to tell someone what you do. I help you make yours powerful.


What You Say

The words that come out of your mouth make or break the sale. I’ll show you what to say and how.

I’ll create the words to increase your sales.