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the power of words

Words can be used for good or evil. Words start wars. Words elect politicians. Words sell. I believe in using words to do more good. If you do too you’ll enjoy the examples below showing the power of words.

Example One

Note this is a fairly old video and the quality isn’t great.

But it’s powerful. The first time I watched I cried. I rarely cry.

example two

A Powerful Story

An elderly man hurried to his 8:00 am doctor’s appointment. He wanted to finish quickly because he had another appointment at 9:00…

The doctor asked what it was and he proudly said, “Every morning at 9:00 am I have breakfast with my wife at the hospital.”

The doctor asked about her condition and the man said, “For 5 years she has had Alzheimer’s and doesn’t known who I am…”

The doctor asked why the man continues to go if she has no idea who he is, and the man replied, “Because I still know who she is.”

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