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Words that should be banned from marketing number two.

124,000 Google results for this one.

‘We provide friendly service’

Wow that’s amazing, let me rush over and give you a stack of cash, said no one ever.

It’s what I call table stakes. The basics required to be in business. It is not a point of difference.

I even found this zinger.

“We provide friendly service to provide you with a positive customer experience”

I still can’t believe people allow this to go on their websites.

Please be specific. Please say exactly how you do it. Even something as simple as saying ‘your call answered in under 5 rings or we give you a $50 Amazon voucher’ can make you stand out.

It always starts with what matters to the client. What are the biggest frustrations they experience?

If you can guarantee they don’t get them with you then you might be onto a winning message.

But if you use the same words as everyone else you’ll get the same as them. That’s usually enough to keep you afloat but not thriving.

You deserve better than that. Go out and be specific. Be bold. Be brave. Say something that makes you a little nervous, but gets clients saying WOW.