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Shake people out of their trance and get them to pay attention to your marketing message.


Glad you asked.

The short answer is write a better headline.

But you need to know how to do that. Here’s how.

Every effective headline contains at least one of these:

News – something that is genuinely news. Newspapers and the media use it a lot. An example is “Greatest Crash in Wall Street’s History”. That was from 1929 but could work just as well for any Wall Street crash.

Curiosity – be careful not to turn your marketing into clickbait. To do that actually deliver on what you say in the headline. Here’s a fun example “Man Bites Dog”. It’s hard to now want to know what happened.

Self-interest – my favourite. Straight up what they’re going to get by reading on. There are tons of good examples but it’s hard to go past “How To Win Friends And Influence People”. You know exactly what you get if you read on.

These headlines work for first lines in videos. They work as captions on social media posts. They work when you introduce yourself to someone. They just work.

A fun exercise you can right now is create one of each for your business. If you do this, and you’d like a free review of what you’ve created, send them to me in a DM and I’ll share my thoughts.