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Can 3 words transform your business?

Can 3 words transform your life?

I absolutely believe they can. But they have to be the right 3 words.

I won’t keep you in suspense much longer but I want you to promise yourself something first.

Promise yourself not to say I know that, and then not do it.

OK it’s on you after all you win or lose based on your decision and actions. Here’s the 3 words that make all the difference.

Thinks Things Through.

Seems obvious. It is. But it’s not really done.

Here’s just one example I see every day. A company’s sales are slow so they go on a new client drive. At face value that seems fine. But what if they thought things through a bit more.

Well they may discover the real source of the problem is that all clients think they’re the same as everyone else. So they are buying elsewhere at cheaper prices. A new client drive won’t fix that.

It could be they are completely ignoring their existing client base. Guess where your easiest sales come from. People who already bought from you.

Of all the things I do in my work, helping clients Think Things Through, is the most valuable.

You can do it for yourself but it’s a skill you have to develop. It’s a skill you have to maintain as well.

But I promise if you will always take the time to Think Things Through, your world will change for the better. Fast too!