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$3,500 for a JPEG of an ape wearing a cap that says FOMO. Something is going on here that you need to understand.

Are you missing out?

Is someone else getting something you want?

It’s called FOMO and it’s a powerful marketing tool.

It can get people to take action when they otherwise wouldn’t.

A great example right now is the market for NFT’s. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Basically digital proof that you own something.

The main markets for it now are art and collectibles.

Some of these NFT’s have become famous and popular and gone up a lot in value. So people are buying them like crazy thinking they will get the same result. FOMO in action.

The reality is likely to be very different. It feels like a boom and bust market. Only time will tell.

But it does demonstrate how FOMO can drive buyers.

The question to ask yourself is how can it be used ethically in your marketing?

What is it that someone misses out on by not buying your thing?