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If your sales are lower than what you want it’s probably because your offer sucks.

I make no apologies for being harsh.

I’ve looked at thousands of markets and a great offer is like a unicorn, rarely seen.

If you don’t have a great offer people just don’t rush to buy.

And before you think I’m talking about price…NO.

Price is part of it. You can’t charge too much or too little.

But you can improve your offer by doing any, or all, of these three things.

  1. Make a bigger promise and make it more specific. Your promise should be they get what they want as fast as possible. Make it really specific. How fast, how easy, etc.
  2. Reduce risk. The more risk you take for delivering your promise the more comfortable people saying yes.
  3. Add value. What can you add to the purchase that people value but doesn’t cost you much to deliver?

I want you to really think about how to apply this.

If you have a great offer, you don’t need great marketing.

A great offer is something people spend no effort on. But this lack of effort is why you get at best average sales when you should be owning your market.

Now it’s up to you.