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5 simple changes that get your website selling more than a politician does at re-election time.

The numbers haven’t changed for years. Average website conversion is between 1-3% depending on which study you look at.

That’s truly awful. Imagine if you had a shop and only 1-3 people, from every 100 who came in, made a purchase.

You’d be tearing your hair out and probably struggle to pay the rent.

But people tolerate this with their website. I will never understand why.

Your website is a salesperson and its should be making sales for you. You would sack an underperforming salesperson.

But since you can’t sack your website you need to do the next best thing. That’s make it convert better.

Here’s 5 simple changes you can make today that will make a huge difference.

1. Kill the we’s. We is about you but clients don’t care about you they care about themselves. Where possible remove the word we and change it to you.

2. Remove big words and jargon. Your English teacher might be impressed by words but clients aren’t. Write so that anyone reading your site immediately knows what you can do for them. No big words, no jargon, no assumed knowledge.

3. Best foot forward. Nearly every time I review a website I find that the company is hiding their best stuff too far down the page. It might be an amazing testimonial or a powerful story or benefit. But it does no good down that far. Instead lead with your strongest point. If you don’t grab them immediately the sale is already lost.

4. Kill the slider. The research proves sliders reduce conversions. Google it for yourself if you don’t believe me. It makes sense. After all who is going to sit and watch the different slides go past? That’s right no one. People are busy. By all means use an image just make it your best one. Without the slider your site loads faster and works better on all devices.

5. One action. Something happens when people have too much choice. They don’t buy. If you confuse them, you lose them. Think about what you most want them to do and make that obvious. Remove anything that isn’t essential to getting them to take that action.

These changes are simple, but they work. If you use them your conversions will improve. I have seen seemingly insignificant changes double conversions the day they were made.

I hope you get great results from them. If anything is confusing or you need some help DM me and I’ll show you exactly what to fix on your site.