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When something looks like hard work we don’t buy.

Here’s an example I saw today (company name removed to protect the guilty).

“Introducing the REMOVED checklist with 590+ crucial & step-by-step tasks to master cold email.”

Makes you feel a bit like…

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I can’t do this. It’s too much. It’s too complicated. It’s too hard.

Now we know work is always involved to get something you want.

But we can’t market our offer that way or we’ll never get a client.

What we have to do is make it look it easy. Push button simple. A magic pill.

When we do that people think…

I can do this. It’s not a lot of work. It’s simple. I’ll buy.

Now there is a balancing act required. You can’t misled them.

But you must make getting the result they want, from you, easy.

Do this and people will trip over themselves in a rush to give you money.

Get simplifying today.