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We think we act rationally most of the time.

But we’re wrong.

In fact 90% or more of the time we’re irrational (driven by emotions first).

Sure we then rationally justify what we did.

But we didn’t do it rationally. We just think that we did.

Welcome to the wonderful world of people.

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We have beliefs, values and an identity.

It influences how we see the world.

Two people at a sporting game have two different views of the referees decision (because they support different teams).

A neutral person may have a different view again.

If you want to influence more people then you have to train yourself to start with the view people are mostly irrational.

As soon as you shift your perspective you suddenly see why people do what they do. You see it wasn’t what you ‘think’.

Your personal and professional life will change for the better.

You’ll become eerily persuasive.

Make the shift today and never look back.