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There is one secret copywriting principle that improves your results the same day you implement it.

It’s one very few businesses know. Even those that know it regularly forget to use it.

You could be forgiven for thinking it’s written in a secret scroll somewhere and only copywriting masters are allowed to see it.

But that isn’t true. Like most powerful principles it’s hiding in plain sight. You just have look with open eyes. Or I can just share it with you.

Introducing the rule of one. In simple terms it means your marketing should be focused to one person. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mass media campaign like TV. All marketing is received by one person at a time.

Specifically when you’re creating your marketing you must focus on:

– One recipient
– One problem
– One solution
– One easy call to action

This is especially important if you do any form of cold outreach. If you look at the messages you get every day they all violate this powerful principle.

Yes it takes more work to create marketing like this. But that’s good news because it means most of your competitors won’t do it.

Apply the rule of one and business will be more fun.