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Marketers are terrified.

Terrified of offending someone.

At one level that makes sense. After all our number one driver is to keep ourselves safe.

But that doesn’t work in marketing.

Because when everyone does it, they do, you all look the same.

When you all look the same customers look at price to tell you apart.

That’s a losers game.

So, what do you need to do?

Over to you Brad.

Brad’s telling us we need to do something different.

Marketing 101. But the thing no one wants to do anymore.

The isolation effect tells us what’s different gets remembered.

In business that means you get the customers.

You want that don’t you?

If you said no, please never read another one of my posts.

Of course, you do, customers are the lifeblood of any good business.

So, my plea to you is get over the fear of offending someone.

Do something different.

It doesn’t have to be big because no one else is doing anything.

A different point of view.

A different visual identity.

Different language.

Small differences can make you stand out.

If you stand out, you win.

Are you brave enough to be different?