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If you read the academic books on influence you can be confused into thinking it’s highly complex.

Yes it can be but there are so many simple influence tools you’re unlikely to ever need the PHD level stuff.

Here’s the clue to this weeks technique.

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It’s so common to see businesses unable to express themselves clearly and more importantly specifically.

If you’re not specific people won’t believe your claims. If you are it’s amazing what they’ll believe (be ethical at all times though).

Here’s an example of some words I found on an IT business site.

Our Network Services are an essential key in ensuring high performance and ongoing maintenance of connections


What are you talking about is the thought going through potential clients minds as they rush to leave your website and buy from someone else.

The business needs to ask what specifically does this mean to a client that they care about?

The key thing a network owner wants is speed and reliability. Also fast resolution if there’s a problem because there will be at some point.

So what if the business could find a way to guarantee that the network will always be up and running? Maybe they have multiple backup networks and power sources. I don’t know technically what’s required but they do.

Then they could do something like this.

Your Network Will Never Go Down. In Fact We Guarantee It.

Here’s how we do that… (explain that in the rest of the copy).

Maybe they can do this maybe they can’t. But they can be more specific in their wording.

As soon as they do they will start selling more from their website.

So specific sells. That’s clear.

Go and have a look at your marketing materials. Are you being specific enough to be believed?