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Can you do me a very small favour?

I’ll explain why I asked you this in a moment.

Here’s a clue to this weeks influence secret.

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Influence is like dating. You start off as potential stalker but can end up getting married and living happily ever after.

But you don’t propose marriage when you first meet. That would be creepy.

The business equivalent is asking too much of a potential client before they are ready.

I’m sure you’ve received aggressive and unsolicited sales pitches. If you’re like me you run a mile away and permanently label the sender as a ****ing spammer. They are of course.

What you need to do instead is make a very small ask. Something that is near impossible to say no to.

The first line of my post asked if you could do me a very small favour. That’s not a big ask. If you’re a fan of my work then you might agree to do it.

The interesting thing is that once someone says yes to something from you they are more likely to yes to other things as well. This the commitment and consistency principle in action I wrote about in an earlier newsletter.

It can be as simple as these examples.

Tax accountant – Are you someone who likes to pay less tax?

Web designer – Would you like to get more high quality clients from your website?

Copywriter – Do you ever have trouble writing words that get people to buy?

These questions will get a yes response from most people. The ones who say no are not potential clients for you, at least not now.

Now about that small favour.

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