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The two biggest killers of businesses are:

1. Me too marketing
2. Weak offers

I’m going to talk about offers today.

In its simplest form business is an exchange of value. A client gives you money and you then give them more value than they get from the amount of money they give you.

The more you have value they want, the easier it is for them to hand over the money.

I’m simplifying but it gets the point across.

So, the logical question is what value are you offering them for their money?

This is your offer but it’s not enough to just say I’ll build you a website. Or I’ll do your taxes. Or I’ll make you a coffee.

You have to turn what you do into an attractive offer. Note, offer doesn’t mean reduce price. It means make what you sell so attractive that I can’t say no to it.

Here’s one way a website designer created an offer for the dog trainer market.

“I Build Client-Generating Websites For Dog Trainers. Book 5 New Clients Per Week MINIMUM — All Without Lifting A Finger! Sign 20
New Clients In The First Month Or You Get ALL Of Your Money Back And You Can Keep The Website! Book An Appointment — I Can Only
Take On Only 5 New Clients This Month!”

Now that’s a great offer. If you’re a dog trainer that’s what you really want. You don’t want the website, you want the clients.

Let me ask you two things. First are you making an offer right now? Second is it irresistible?

If not how about changing it today. If you’d like feedback on how to make your offer stronger send yours to me and I’ll give you some recommendations.