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Hundreds of conversations with business owners has made this very clear.

The answer in a moment.

Just kidding you can’t blame a copywriting for using a bit of a curiosity hook. Can you?

It’s this.

You should be charging more. How do I know?

Because when I look at the value being delivered for the amount being charged it’s too much value for little money.

It’s just the owner doesn’t understand or doesn’t communicate how much value they are delivering.

Think of a marriage counsellor. I just looked at their rates and they run $150 to $250 in Australian dollars. A good hourly rate. But it undersells their value.

After all if you save a marriage the dollar and emotional costs of a divorce are avoided. The impact on the kids is avoided. The impact of stress on health is avoided.

If you add all that up you get enormous value. Far more than the hourly rate.

So let me ask you this. How much value are you really providing? Are you charging enough for it?

Remember in every market someone has to be the most expensive. Why not you?