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Have you ever considered becoming a category punk?

Probably not. Partly because I made up the term this morning in the shower and as far as I know no one uses it.

But I think you should. But first let’s explain what one is.

A category punk is the business that rails against conventions and industry norms.

They call B.S. on what needs to be taken down.

They are brave enough to air their views publicly.

They believe in what they say and do. No lip service to be found.

But in business you don’t it for the sake of just rebelling.

You do it because someone has to. So why not you?

After all everyone else looks and sounds exactly the same. Just ask your clients.

Punk is an attitude more than anything. It’s a spirit that won’t die.

There are very few category punks. I think it’s because we are all too scared of what other people will think about us.

The thing is right now they’re not thinking about you. That means they’re not buying from you.

So maybe it’s time you hit the brave button and became the punk in your category.

Or you could keep doing what you’re doing and get the same crappy results. Please don’t do that!

It’s a choice. Which direction will serve you best?