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I’m a bit old to scream at a Billie Eilish concert.

But recently I took my teenager and a friend to one. It was incredible entertainment.

Plus I got a valuable marketing lesson.

Here’s what I was reminded of.

You must love your fans. Really love them. You can see Billie does. The way she engaged with the audience. The fact that she walked around the stage at the end high fiving fans and letting them take selfies.

The very best artists do this. I also believe Taylor Swift is a massive fan of her fans.

When you love your fans, they love you back even more.

This applies to your clients. You may not be a pop star. But you can be to your clients.

Love them. Care for them. Protect them. Encourage them.

Think of them as fans, because they are. They are the lifeblood of your business. Without them you have no business.

If you do one thing for the rest of 2022 make it this. Treat your clients like fans and never stop. You’ll be miles ahead of your competitors who simply view them as a wallet.