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It’s not a pretty logo.

It’s not a cool visual.

It’s not just a tagline.

Branding is much more than that.

The modern word Brand is derived from the word “Brandr”, a word from Ancient Norse meaning “to burn”.

It gained popularity as the term to describe the indelible mark on cattle to show ownership.

Branding to me is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

It’s same thing that happens to those poor cows.

An indelible mark but in the brain of people you want as clients.

But you can’t just throw any old messaging out there.

Our brains are crowded spaces.

Every marketer wants a piece.

We’ve trained ourselves to tune out most marketing.

But unless you’re in there you won’t be remembered and get the client.

So what to do?

This is where hard work comes in.

First you must understand what really matters to your clients.

Second you must understand how you are different in a way that matters to your clients.

Third you must use special tools of language to create messaging and branding that sticks.

It looks easy once you nail it but it’s painful on the way through.

But if you want to be the next Coke, Apple, Uber or whatever brand you admire then it’s well worth the effort.

Need help creating your indelible mark?

I do this all day, every day.

So, if you want to own your category let’s chat and start making that happen before someone else does.