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I’ve got the popcorn now show me your marketing.

It’s a ridiculous idea of course.

Not even your mum is that interested in your marketing.

In fact clients have developed ‘marketing blockers’. They had to. How else could anyone cope with bombardment of marketing they encounter every day?

Your job is harder than ever because of the noise. But it’s easier than ever because if you study the noise you can figure out how not to be part of it.

The technique for standing out amongst the noise is something called a pattern interrupt.

You’re scrolling through a social feed and suddenly something grabs you because it’s DIFFERENT.

It could be an image.

It could be a contrarian point of view.

It could be something you’re already tuned into. For example if you’re buying a car you’ll notice car stuff more at that time.

Creating a pattern interrupt to gain a moment of client attention is critical. After all if you don’t get attention then they won’t see any more of your marketing.

But you also have to get ‘relevant attention’. This is why cheap tricks like using sexy imagery don’t work. If people expect one thing and you’re offering something else it’s like clickbait and leaves a bad taste. So don’t do it.

Always, always have a person in mind when you create your marketing message. One person. One dream client. Create it for them. Create it so it grabs their attention only.

There is nothing more fun than creating disruptive marketing in your market.

It all starts with one good idea.

If you don’t have one already let’s chat and I’ll help you find one. Just one criteria you must have an open mind. Disruptive marketing and market domination isn’t for everyone. But maybe it’s for you.