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Can you turn base metals into gold?

Can your turn water into wine?

I’m guessing not. But that’s OK.

Because you have the thing you’re good at. A transformation that you offer clients.

That’s why they give you money. They want a transformation.

They come to you with a big problem and you solve it for them.

You are the cure for whatever is bothering them. It’s critical you get really clear on this.

Then it becomes the lead for all your marketing. On your website it states right up front this transformation.

In fact, the simple format of Turning X into Y makes for a great website headline. It won’t win creativity awards, but it will get your sales going up.

What’s at the top of your website? Does it tell potential clients immediately how you make their life better? If not fix it right now and if you need help reach out and I’ll give you some ideas.