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I just can’t find the right words.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this. I’d be on my own private island and LinkedIn wouldn’t be on my radar.

I get it when you sit down to write it can be hard.

There are a few reasons for this.

The biggest is that you haven’t thought things through enough before starting to write.

Once you have a strong idea writing becomes a lot easier. but without one it’s like trying to win a fight with two hands tied behind your back.

The other reason is you subconsciously feel the need to don a tuxedo before you begin.

What I mean is you become too formal. Use jargon. Use big words that you don’t need. You want to sound professional but in doing so your writing becomes boring and unclear.

The good news is you train yourself to be better.

To fix the idea problem make sure you do lots of research before your write. Then let your research ‘incubate’ in your brain. As soon as you get nudges for ways to go with the writing note them down. When one feels strong start writing that.

Formality is easier for fix. Put your words into Hemingway App. If you score anything over Grade 7 then your writing is too formal and wordy.

Swap big words for smaller ones. Shorten sentences. Take out jargon.

Of course if you need a pro to just do it for you then you know where I am.

Have a great week. Christmas is coming fast, fast, fast.

P.S. This post scores Grade 2 on Hemingway App and is in no way dumbed down (the biggest fear with simple writing).