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Can’t word?

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

When it comes to writing and finding the right word we have to ignore years of incorrect training received through the school system.

Don’t get me wrong, they do their best. It’s just that it’s all too ‘rules’ based to communicate in the real world, with real people.

So what to do?

Write like you talk. In fact you could even use voice typing to help that happen.

Also imagine you’re talking to a best friend.

You must get your point across their life depends on it.

I’m not exaggerating here. In business we solve painful problems for clients. But if we don’t communicate that clearly we’ve failed them.

They may to go to someone else who talks the the talk. But will deliver like you will?

Now here’s something to help you specifically.

Anytime you feel yourself struggling to word do this. Send me a message on LinkedIn and tell me you can’t word. I’ll ask you some questions to figure out how to say what you want to say. I’ll even give you exact words to use.

It’s my way of showing you how I can help by actually helping. Revolutionary don’t you think?

I’m especially good on headlines, emails and social media copy. In fact you may like to send me your LinkedIn headline for a rewrite. After all it’s the first thing many people see from you.

I’ve made my offer. Now it’s up to you. Can’t word? You know where I am and that I’m willing to help.