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It’s 2023 and I’m back from a short break.

One thing didn’t change during my break and that is the quality of language used to sell what you’ve got.

I’m sure ‘you’re’ not guilty but I bet you know someone who is.

It makes me feel…

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It’s not the wrong words I hate. It’s the missed opportunity for you because of the bad word choices.

The wrong words lead to few or no sales.

The right words can make you wonder where the clients were hiding all this time.

A few small wording changes can literally transform your business. Here are the top areas to work on fixing TODAY.

  1. Your website. Especially your headline. You do have one right?
  2. Your emails. Especially any where you are reaching out to get new clients.
  3. Your social media bios. No resumes please. You’re not looking for a job you’re looking for amazing clients.
  4. Your mouth. What you say to potential clients matters. The wrong words or the wrong tone can cost you big time.

I recommend you go on a ‘word audit’. Look for words that are too long. Look for words that are about you. Look for weak words.

If you’re not sure where to start then why not get me to look at them with you?

I guarantee I can find a better way to say what you need to say.

If you don’t want to do that then promise yourself you’ll find and fix the words that are holding back your business. And that you’ll do it today.