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Sticks and names may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

It’s a great saying but it isn’t true.

Words matter.

In fact, what you say about someone can be so powerful it ends their chances of getting elected. Remember the 2016 US election.

The best politicians are brilliant wordsmiths, or they have brilliant wordsmiths working for them.

They know if they can control the message, it can determine their electoral success.

But it’s not just politics where words matter.

Ultimately, we are all selling something. Even it’s just keeping us as an employee.

But in business we use words to get people to take action and buy from us.

Choose the wrong words and you experience marketing failure.

Choose the right words and you wonder where all the clients had been hiding.

Small changes, huge impact.

The wrong words are everywhere.

Just get someone who knows nothing about to read your website, ad or other marketing piece.

Do they know what you do? Who for? What to do next?

I guarantee in most cases it’s no, no and no.

Time to change your words.

Time to change your world.

Are you up for the challenge?