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A high price can be a powerful advantage.

Yet a lot of business still think low prices are important. Why?

I think there are two main reasons. One they aren’t offering enough value. Two they are offering tons of value but are keeping it a secret.

The second one is more common. I see it a lot in the consulting space. When I speak with people I’m often astounded by the results they get for clients. But when I look for that in their marketing I don’t see it.

It’s like there’s a filter that says I don’t want to brag. But sharing honest case studies of success isn’t bragging. You just have to make the case study about the client and their success. You were just the guide that helped them along the way.

Potential clients will see themselves in these cast studies and know you can help them.

The big advantage of sharing results is you can up your prices. When you do it sends a quality signal to the best clients. Have you ever noticed that the best clients pay more and are more fun to work with? Have you ever noticed that when you lower prices you get low quality pain the arse clients?

Life is too short to under price.

So if you haven’t raised prices in a while do it today. Up the rate on your next quote. You will be pleasantly surprised by what happens when you do.