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Clear or Clever?

Which one wins?

Well if you look at most current marketing you’d think the answer was clever.

Marketers in their misguided agencies worship at the altar of clever. But it’s a mistake.

Clear is also a mistake. Though if you’re making to make any mistake this is a small one. The problem with just clear is it can be boring. And bored people don’t pay attention OR buy.

So the answer is you have to aim for the intersection of clear and clever. The sweet spot where you get just the right amount of both.

Now it’s not easy to do. That’s why experienced copywriters (like me) spend years and years refining their ability to find it. And we don’t hit it every time.

But we do hit it more often. When we do they wheels of commerce turn and make that beautiful sound.

Clients stampeding towards you with money. No better sound has ever been heard.