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Clever marketing can cost you a lot of sales.

I don’t know why it is but there’s too big an obsession with being clever in marketing.

It’s as though the creator is trying to prove something to the world.

But that’s not the basis for creating great marketing.

Being clear is.

Let’s look at two headlines for accounting software (I know it’s a sexy product).

1. Accounting software to do your to-do
2. Online accounting software that lets you focus on your business

The first one is too clever. The second is much clearer if a bit boring.

I will take clear and a bit boring over the clever one every time.

But I’d work a bit more in the idea if what being able to focus on your business means and write more headlines along that line.

Let’s look at another example. Digital marketing. Surely they know what they’re doing (they usually don’t sorry to be the bearer of a harsh truth)? I grabbed two of the top ranking sites.

1. Award Winning Digital Agency
2. A truly integrated and measurable marketing approach

Number one has a clear message. But I’m not sure clients care about your awards. They care about what you can do for them. I certainly wouldn’t lead with that I would use it as proof instead.

Number two sounds clever but isn’t really clear. The idea that you can get measurable returns is a good one if it’s true. But it needs to be stated more clearly than that. If it was true I’d go with something like ‘Get at least $5 back for every $1 you invest with us’. It’s clear and a strong promise.

It doesn’t matter what market you look at you’ll see ‘too clever’ marketing. Avoid it at all costs because there’s no point thinking you’re smart if customers won’t buy.