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If you try and say too much you end up saying nothing.

Last week I saw a Facebook ad for a CRM. I have been thinking about getting one for a while. So I clicked.

Then I got the website. That’s where I got very lost. The app was promoted as the one solution to everything.

Give me a break. Everything? Anyway the trial signup was easy so I did it.

As soon as I logged in I was confused again. What does thing actually do? I can figure out most things but best I could tell this was some type of task management app. That wasn’t what I expected based on the ad.

The problem is the app does too much. As a result they marketing says too much. As a result I have no idea why I need it or how it could be useful to me.

I left the app and I’m sure I am not the only one.

There must be something the app does really well. Better than any other. But the company hasn’t taken the time to think that through. I genuinely fear for the future of this particular SAAS offering.

Therefore it’s impossible to create a marketing message and user experience that is a delight.

So the takeaway is this. Even if you can do lots of things for someone focus on one main message.

If you confuse them you lose them.