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It’s so close To Christmas as I write this I don’t know if anyone will see or read this post.

This is the context in which I’m posting.

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I could yell and scream at you to pay attention but it wouldn’t work.

There are other things on your mind.

Maybe you need to finish some work before Christmas.

Maybe you need to go shopping for supplies.

Maybe you’re exhausted and even a giant cup of coffee fails to get you started like it normally does.

Your marketing is always received ‘in context’ and you need to always remember this.

Things happen in the world.

Things happen in people’s work lives.

Things happen in people’s personal lives.

You don’t always know what’s going on. This is the context you live in.

It means you don’t ever do ‘one shot’ marketing and go oh well that didn’t work.

You have to keep at it. Consistency is the killer app.

So keep context in mind, but know that the only thing that beats it, is consistency.