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The world has changed. It was happening anyway COVID just accelerated some of the things that were already happening.

More shopping is done online.

More business are selling online.

More training is consumed online.

More entertainment is consumed online.

More business is done via Zoom and Teams.

More people are working from home and loving it.

What does all this mean? It means nothing will go back to exactly the way it was.

But that’s OK. As businesses we adapt to the world as it is. So long as we adapt we’ll be fine. But those that don’t will fail.

The competition has never been more fierce. The need for brave marketing has never been stronger.

You won’t thrive doing what you’ve always done. In fact you may not survive. There are businesses planning your demise right now.

Imagine what happens if someone with the marketing Savvy of Uber enters your market. What will you do?

These questions should be at the forefront of your thinking. One key to success is maintaining amazing relationships with your clients. The smart businesses are already doing that. The bond with your business is the real value of your brand.

It’s also the thing that stops clients leaving easily when the next shiny object appears on their radar.