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Use the principle cult leaders, religions and con artists intuitively understand.

How Did Heaven’s Gate get people to do this?

‘ate apple sauce laced with barbiturates and washed it down with vodka. They then put bags over their heads, purple shrouds over their bodies, and laid down to leave their earthly vehicles behind. They weren’t killing themselves, they thought, but freeing their souls from their so they could ascend to a spacecraft flying in the wake of the Hale-Bopp comet – which at that point was passing by Earth – and were going to be taken to their new home in space’

No sane person would do that right? Right.

It all started with the milk before meat principle.

This principle means you introduce things slowly at first and gradually add to it over time. For example most cults by validating a small view people hold.

Then over time what happens is people act consistently with their previous actions. Before they know it perfectly sane people are signed on to free their souls.

Now I’d never use this principle for evil as cults do.

But you can use the psychology very effectively to do more good. Which I’m sure is what your business does.