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Smart people join cults.

I didn’t used to think this could happen.

I assumed intelligent people could see through it and walk away.

But cults know something about people that’s powerful. In fact, they know many things.

The first thing they know is you must start small.

Scientology use a free personality test. Sounds harmless and fun.

But once you do one thing the commitments escalate.

Over time you end believing in Xenu and have been fleeced of all your money.

So, what happened?

The principle of commitment and consistency comes into play.

Once you do one thing on a path it’s hard not to do the next thing because you want to be consistent within yourself.

If you’re not it triggers what’s known as cognitive dissonance which means you can’t hold two opposing ideas at the same time.

So, if you have taken actions showing you’re interested in personal development (an idea many cults use) then it would be uncomfortable not to do more.

Now there are many other things cults do to keep you and that is for future posts.

But this principle is powerful.

Small commitments can lead to big actions.

Often it gets used in reverse. Companies try and ask too much, too soon. That only scares most people away.

Better to start small and play the long game. Like cults do.

But obviously don’t start a cult.

It can be as simple as on question.

Here are a few examples of questions that create small commitment that you can move people forward from.

Is your website an important tool to get new client for your business?

Where will you be voting in the coming election?

Could you do one push up a day for the next 7 days?

Each question is a powerful first step towards getting an action you want.

And that’s what influence is all about, action.

How will you apply the principle of small commitments in your marketing today?