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Bro marketing is dead.

Or at the very least terminally ill. And this is good news.

In fact, if you’re like me, you’ll be glad to see it go.

In case you don’t know Bro marketing can be done by any gender. It’s basically where you inflate just how amazing the future will be and sign someone up before they have a chance to think.

It’s manipulation for bad. The reason is that the products and services sold this way are usually awful.

But when our emotions go up our rational brain takes a holiday. If you’ve ever been influenced by Bro marketing it’s OK. I have too after all we’re only human.

I believe the thing that replaces is what I call Conscious marketing.

I believe there is a movement growing of conscious marketers.

Conscious marketers put the welfare of their clients ahead of their own self-interest.

If they have something the client will genuinely benefit from then they put their case powerfully.

But if it’s not right for the client then they say so.

The change in mindset is sales to the right people instead of sales at any cost.

If you’re a conscious marketer let me know in the comments.

I’m keen to see the makeup of my connections on LinkedIn.