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Why are Republicans and Democrats so fiercely divided?

It’s more than political differences.

Here’s a clue.

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You see we evolved from tribes. Being in a tribe meant you were more likely to survive. So you are wired to join and defend your tribe. It’s something called in-group bias.

In-group Bias (also known as in-group favoritism) is the tendency for people to give preferential treatment to others who belong to the same group that they do.

It explains why two sides of politics hate each other far more than their ideological differences would suggest.

It’s so powerful that researchers have taken total strangers. Put them into arbitrary tribes and then seen fierce tribe loyalty.

You also see it in sports. Someone who supports your team you automatically like more.

So how can you it as a weapon of influence?

You need to create an in-group and an out-group. Cults do this. Pop stars do this. Politicians do this.

Identify something your desired group stands for. Share that with them. But don’t fake it. It has to be true for you.

I have seen copywriters who only work with businesses on one side of politics.

The cryptocurrency space is a bit like this. You’re either smart enough to be in or not. At least that’s what the Crypto Bros tell you.

Belonging is a powerful feeling.

So get to work figuring out how you can create an in-group around your business. Get it right and you gain fiercely loyal clients who are fun to do business with.