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One of the most powerful things you can do with your copy is this.

It involves helping people overcome previous failures.

You see there’s a good chance your potential buyer has tried another product before.

There’s also a good chance it didn’t work. So they are sceptical about getting results from another purchase.

To overcome this you must:

– assure them that the failure to get results wasn’t their fault
– and there was a reason the other product didn’t work
– add yours has overcomes the failings of other products

They need hope and a reason to believe it will be a smart decision to buy from you.

In copy the phrase ‘it’s not your fault’ is often used.

For example, it’s not your fault that your website doesn’t sell. The company that made is trained in design not marketing. You then go into why you are qualified to get them improved results from their website.

No matter what you sell the customer must be absolved on any blame for previous failures. Then they will be open to buy your solution.

Oh and make sure you actually deliver what you promise.