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You are 200 words away from a quick influx of sales.

How do I know?

Simply because most businesses have a database of clients that they don’t effectively market to on a regular basis.

Sending a weekly or monthly newsletter is not effective marketing. The only person that is interested in those is you.

Clients are interested in what you can do for them next.

Here’s where the 200 words comes in.

It’s the rough amount of words you need to write for an effective email offer to your clients. It may be even less. All depends on how good your offer is.

You just have to offer something that makes life better and is good value for money.

Spend most of your time working on the offer and less on the email. I’d probably go 80% on the offer, 20% on the email.

In fact you can do this today and make immediate sales.

There are many companies I buy from and would happily buy from again. But I’m busy and forget they even exist.

So, it’s on them to remind and excite me to buy again.

If you don’t know how to create an offer that’s good enough to send out let me know and I’ll help you create one.