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Here’s the simplest tip I know to improve your copywriting.

In fact, it’s so simple you have to promise not to ignore the power of it.

OK so now you’ve promised yourself here it is.

It’s write what your potential client is thinking.

It’s a simple principle but you have to do some deep research to be able to do it.

Every piece of marketing is received by the other person as they are. Not as we intend.

So we need to understand what a day in their life looks like.

What are they being asked to do?

What are they measured on?

What issues outside of work are weighing on their minds?

Only when we understand this context can we create copy that speaks directly to what they’re thinking about.

When you can do this, they immediately think this person gets me.

As soon as they know, you know them, you are halfway towards getting yourself a new client.