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You may have a boring product.

You may have a boring service.

But that doesn’t mean your marketing has to be boring.

I think you’d agree water is a pretty boring product.

We all need but no one gets excited about it.

So if you were going to enter the packaged water category how would you do it?

You can’t just go with the glacier fresh crap everyone else is peddling.

You won’t be noticed and you won’t get many sales.

You have to brave enough to do what Liquid Death did.

They asked themselves questions like.

What is the dumbest possible thing we can do?

Then they did it.

In a fiercely competitive category, where everyone looks the same, they have a valuation of around $700 million.

Not bad hey.

That’s what different can do for any business.

But you have to do the opposite of everyone else and embrace risk.

It’s dead easy to kill ideas.

It’s dead profitable to run with the ones that scare you.